Christain Sinner Bio

The long awaited album from "Christian Sinner" was to be released as a live [Once In A Lifetime] tour across Canada and the USA. However, the infamous singer songwriter was stopped in his tracks {pardon the pun} upon planning his tour and arrival to the States... he suffered a massive heart attack in late 2009. With 90% blockage to his heart, and one of the first recipients of a 'Cobalt telescopic implant' by way of arthroscopic surgery - instead of the previous standard 'open heart bypass surgery'. Apparently... buys the average patient 20 or more years life expectancy - provided the proper lifestyle changes are made. GLWT^^^^ eh?!

The Canadian Born 'Frockin Broller' {a phrase he coined to describe his music genre,} His title track "Once In A Lifetime" made the top 10 in his native region. Ironically from; Saint Catharines, ON Canada, According to; "ReverbNation" within a week of release... Christian Sinner, also hit the top 100 across Continental America, for the first time in his recording history, this representing his 7th album, giving "once in a lifetime" a whole new meaning to his hit song, while his latest single released in 2014 *Never Again - went to No.#1. also in the singer song writer genre, @ RN, although humbled by this achievement, these days... music does not always translate into dollars online!

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Some might think the name; "Christian Sinner" is somewhat of an oxymoron. Although, as the man himself describes in his book, upon revealing his true birth name, it really is more appropos than one might think. Never having shy'd away from controversy, Christian Sinner explains; "Whether you are a believer in 'Christianity' or not, the true definition of the name suggests that 'Nobody's Perfect' hence the name is a Moot point." End quote. As he elaborates in his *book of life in music;

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